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Benefits of Booking Direct

Navigating the world of running a Bed & Breakfast can be quite the adventure, especially for small businesses like ours. In a world of bigger chain hotels, we're all about standing out to draw in our guests.

Our bookings come from a variety of sources, including major online platforms. But there's something special about the chunk of guests who choose to book directly with us.

The Commission Conundrum

Ever heard that online agencies take a hefty slice – usually around 15-30% – from your payment? Yep, it's true. Let's say you're booking a room for £100. We, the B&B, might only get a smaller slice of that. And that's before taking off VAT, and covering costs, laundry, room essentials, scrumptious breakfasts, our staff costs, and utilities. With everyday prices constantly on the rise, our profit margin feels the pinch from all sides.

Why Book Direct?

Here's the secret sauce: you'll always score the best price by booking directly with us. It's a win-win! See, we're often pricier on those online apps and platforms. They're charged a higher rate for our rooms, though sometimes they get crafty, slashing their commission to undercut our direct prices.

And there's more! Booking directly also comes with perks. Like a 4-day cancellation window instead of 7 days. We even open our doors to furry friends, but that's exclusively for direct bookings (depending on room availability, of course).

Funny thing, those online channels often keep your contact info under wraps. That makes it a bit trickier for us to reach out, share helpful details, and make your stay extraordinary.

The Right Way to Use Online Apps and Agencies

Let's give credit where it's due. These platforms rock as search engines for finding your perfect stay. But here's a tip: once you spot a spot, hit up Google. Check out the direct offerings and think about booking direct right from the source. It's a thumbs-up for small business owners like us!

No matter how you stumbled upon us or how you booked, know this: our warm welcome is waiting for you, along with a cup of delicious tea or our handcrafted coffee and a slice of cake. Your adventure at our B&B is just around the corner!

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Complimentary Hot Drink and Cake
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