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2 night stay with entry to Bletchley Park
Fixed price offer with entry for 2.

Discover the allure of Bletchley Park's iconic history with an immersive two-night retreat at Home Farm. Often, our guests find that a single day simply isn't sufficient to fully engage with the rich tapestry woven by the Code Breakers. 

Strategically located only 20 minutes away from Bletchley Park, Home Farm is the perfect base from which to embark on this historical journey not once, but twice. 

Our Special Package:

Delight in a restful two-night sojourn in our luxurious King Double Room, complete with complimentary tickets to Bletchley Park for two.


To further enhance your stay, we're pleased to offer a guaranteed early check-in from 12pm (usually £10) and a guaranteed late check-out at 12pm (typically £15), absolutely free!

To view availability of our exclusive 'Bletchley Park Package', simply click here and search for a two-night stay. 

Don't miss the opportunity to delve deeper into history with comfort and style at Home Farm.

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