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We’re Dog Friendly at Home Farm B&B


Being Dog Lovers ourselves and we understand that dogs are part of the family We appreciate that sometimes we all want to bring our pooches with us when we travel.

That’s why at home Farm, we’re happy to welcome one small or medium dog in two of our rooms, either a standard double room or a king double room.  Before making your booking, please check with us for availability of these rooms by dropping us a message or giving us a call. We promise not to bark at you!

As our dining room is quite small and to be respectful for other guests, dogs aren’t allowed in our dining room. Therefore, to make your stay as comfortable as possible, if you don’t want to leave your furry friend on their own in the room, we can bring your breakfast up to your room for you.

dog in bed

What we will provide:

  • A food and water bowl for your companion.

  • A comfortable dog bed.

  • Optional Breakfast delivered to enjoy in your room at the time you specified.


What we require from you and your pawsome partner:

  • Your dog to be well behaved as some guests enjoy the peace and quiet. (No noisy yappers!)

  • We ask that your dog is kept off the beds and any other furniture.

  • You to keep an eye on your dog and our facilities as we don’t want anything damaged. We promise not to chase our tails if you promise not to let your dog chew on our furniture!

What we charge

There will be an extra additional fee of £15 as the rooms will require some extra deep cleaning to get those pesky hairs removed prepared for future guests who could have allergies. As we like to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and upkeep of our rooms, any damages will be charged for onto the card provided at the time of booking for replacement.

Does your dog need to stretch their legs? Fantastic! We’ve got you covered.

There is a nice short walk in our village away from the main road just around the corner, where your dog can explore and you can take in some of the fantastic old buildings. There are also numerous fields around the village, some of which are accessible to the public to walk their dogs, and when there are no cows or sheep in those fields, your dog can safely have a good safe run around. Just don’t forget to bring a lead with you - we don’t want your dog running off and joining a pack of wild foxes!

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