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Stony Stratford
A Historic Market Town

Stony Stratford

Stony Stratford is recorded as being a settlement since at least Roman Times, with its status as a town from 1215. The town name is Anglo-Saxon in origin and means "Stony ford on a Roman road". This road is Watling Street which runs through the middle of the town.

Did you know - Due to two hotels in the centre of the town, The Cock and The Bull (both origially coaching inns on the main London to Chester road), it is claimed locallt that the comon phrase 'a cock and bull story' originated here.

Today Stony Stratford is a busy market town, with various events through the year.

Stony Stratford is home to a large number of delightful restaurants, and is just 6 minutes drive from Home Farm. Free parking is available. If you're visiting during December, be sure to stop by to see the towns Christmas lights display.

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Stony Stratford High Street
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